Samvedna-The Foundation

Naina Dayal Foundation a registered organization under Societies Registration Act, 1860 started a programme SAMVEDNA-THE FOUNDATION to sensitize and aware people for blood donation since 2011. India is wrapped with huge through our established blood banks and in this regard voluntarily blood donation is required and our program – SMAVEDANA is working to achieve this endeavour. We have organized more than 77 blood donation population pressure and every day we need millions of blood in emergency but India is not in position to supply it group on face book, whatapp to support and aware people for blood donation across the country. Our head office is in Lucknow and we are available on line 24 hours for blood donation, in case of any emergency. We are connected with so many organization across the country who are also working on blood donation and this network tries to fulfil the national requirement of blood with its limitation.camps with many reputed government and private hospitals of Lucknow and we also run a social media

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Contact Numbers: 09415083663, 09807805908

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